Jason ’s Collections

Bobble Head Dolls

Jason had a substantial business trading, dealing, and even manufacturing Bobble Head Dolls. He created the BobbleHeadDolls.com Internet domain and ran the most popular online Bobble bulletin board.

Jason accumulated approximately 600 unique types of Bobble Head Dolls for his personal collection. He also had storage units filled with box after box of the ones he created.

“Bobblewood” Open House

From July to August of 2005, Steve and Linda Ray displayed Jason's collection in their house. Here are some of the people who came to visit, including friends, family, and neighbors. (Click on any picture to scroll through larger pictures.)


Here are large images of the entire collection:

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Bobble Collection Overview
Bobbles Left ShelvesBobbles MiddleBobbles Right Shelves

Jason’s Bobblehead Productions

Jason produced several kinds of Bobble Head Dolls, from Jim Marshall to Beethoven, seen on the center shelf:

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Jay's Bobbles LeftJay's Bobbles Right

Here are some of the Bobbles he produced [more will be added later]:

Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eaters
Carl Eller       Jim Marshall    Gary Larson    Alan Page
MN Viking
Chuck Foreman
Hockey Great
Tony Esposito
Real-Life Outlaw
Jesse James
Jesse James

After being put on display for several months, the family went through the task of selling off the main part Jason Ray’s Bobble collection. Most were sold to people who had done business with Jason in the past. By January 2006, the remaining pieces were sold to a local dealer. In total, around 2500 bobbles were sold on the BobbleHeadDolls.com website and Bobblehead EZBoard, without having to resort to eBay. In the process, a lot of money was raised for his memorial fund. The family wishes to thank everyone who made orders, suggestions, etc. and especially to those who got their orders messed up. After all, the family were not experts in the field like Jason. The family did keep a couple hundred dolls to give to extended family members or display their house.

Although some generous offers have been made for the BobbleHeadDolls.com domain name, the family has decided to retain it for the time being.

Comic Books and Action Figures

From a young age, Jason collected comic books, both for fun and as an investment. He traded up, scoured garage sales, and ended up with hundreds of comics, many of which are very valuable. He also ended up with many, many issues that turned out to be duds. He bought enough copies of the 1990s number-1 issues of Spider-Man, X-Men, X-Force, etc. to wallpaper a room.

His first favorite comic book character was undoubtedly Batman. His sketchbooks are filled with the Bat Symbol. He collected every Batman item from the official cereal of the 1989 movie to an obscure Adam West-era wall lamp.

Jason loved the comic book & TV show “The Tick” and collected probably every piece of merchandise related to it: action figures, dolls, pogs, trading cards, books, T-shirts, etc. Below is part of the collection, as well as some “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”animation cells (his favorite was Donatello).

Tick Evil BewareJay's Tick StuffTick logo

Unique Purchases

Jason was the first person on his block (and town, and county) to buy a Segway Scooter. His family still breaks it out at gatherings to entertain both young and old.

Jason went through many, many cars in his time, most of which he drove into the ground. He also owned a motorcycle and an RV. The story of his RV purchase and subsequent trek back to Minnesota are the stuff of legend.

Jason was known to frequent auctions, and often came back with industrial-size collections of commodities which he thought could be lucrative: weighing scales, RCA analog pre-laserdisk movies, roller-blades and lots of Velcro.

House in Herman

Jason bought a house “fixer-upper” in the cozy town of Herman, MN at an auction. It is currently undergoing renovations.

Jay's House in HermanJay's House in HermanJay's House in Herman