Eulogy by Jason’s Friend Rick Seagraves

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(4/21/05 9:08 pm)

hey everyone. my name is Rick. i am a LONGTIME friend of jason and have nothing but sadness and grief for his family including colleen. i have known her for some years also. i just got home from the services and i am going to have to say that it couldnt have been done any better if jay planned it out himself. there was a huge amount of family and friends showing support for those hurt by this tragedy. i noticed the comment about getting a Jason Ray bobblehead in the works and i had the idea a couple days ago and me and other very close friends of jay agree that its the best way to honer him. we will be working on a prototype as soon as things settle down from the funeral and all of the sorting things out. i am not sure how long it will take to get them, we need to contact scott and find these things out but it is definately in the works. as for the services they had a trio sing the opening songs and they were done very tastefully. jason was in a minnesota twins jersey with a Fender (amp brand) hat on. he looked all so peaceful. there were flowers upon flowers. so many that it would have taken a week to read who they were all from. there was a time of reflection in the services when his father shared some past stories and memories, followed by his cousin who was with him a the time of the accident (from my understanding), then another cousin had a tough time expressing his feelings but made it clear that he is going to miss jay. his longtime friend/business partner gene started in on his speech and was too emotionally struck to finish so i went up and read what he had written down, followed by what i wrote. mine goes as follows.

I want to express mine and many others appreciation for the impact that Jason Ray made on us. Regardless of the situation, Jay was always there to help. He was the go-to guy. Whether emotional, physical, or financial distress, he was always more than willing to lend an ear, a hand, or more if needed. I want to thank you for that Jay. I have never had anything negative to say about him, ever, nor have I heard him say anything negative about anyone else. He is an all aroud good guy and I am VERY glad to be able to say that he is and will always be one of my best friends and always be reguarded as a brother.

after i got down colleen got up there and stood very strong although you could tell it was very difficult, but she did awesome in sharing a few stories and laughs as well as letting everyone know her deep seeded feelings for jay, his family, and his friends.
it was very tough for me cause jay was so much more than a friend to me that words are hard to find to discribe the influence he had on me. he made me a better person with his always positive attitude. hopefully we will be able to present a tribute bobblehead of jason ray and be available to all of those who are interested. colleen if i forgot anything please add to this, to Gene (Nuke), Suneco, Joey (Woody), Cory (Whipper), jason freitag (Freezer), me Rick (Dickey), Cyle (Gomer), and to all of those effected, remember jay for what he was and always will be. The most genuine friend we may ever have!!!!